Lingvo picto is based on scientific research done on the communication needs in an emergency situation.


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Research methodology in the development of Lingvo Picto

Anthropologic study of the pediatric ER environment.

Identification of the context and actors as well as the relational and communicational dynamics that occur.

Analysis of 21st century visual culture.

Identification of the ways of creating and looking at images according to the changes introduced by new information technologies.

Semiotic analysis of images from various origins.

Definition of a multicultural iconographic code (colors, forms, symbols, contrasts, anthropometric proportions, facial expressions, body language, postures, etc) that is understood by a cultural majority.

Hermeneutic analysis of the dialog between caregiver, patient and visual support.

Definition of the communication dynamics (perception, comprehension, interpretation, validation and representation) between the caregiver and the patient when introducing a visual tool.

Articulation of the visual information according to the clinical protocol.

Identification of the questions commonly asked by healthcare professionals. Sequencing of the pictograms and icons in order to make the navigation system intuitive and easy to use.



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